Current STCs

ST03945AT Installation of a High Altitude take-off and Landing cabin pressure warning system. 737-300 Series
737-500 Series
SA8481SW Installation of Canadian Marconi GPS model 771-MKIV. MD-88
SA8653SW Installation of an integrated Airborne Satellite Communications System (ASCS). 727-200 Series
727-100 Series
SA8849SW Installation of Honeywell MCS-3000 Satellite Communications system with Canadian Marconi CMA-2102 an 727-200 Series
727-400 Series
727-700 Series
727-800 Series
SA8914SW Installation of dual CMA-900 FMS with GPS sensors. 737-200 Series
ST09067SC Structural provisions for CMA-2012 high gain antenna. 757-200 Series
ST09112SC Installation of Honeywell/Racal MCS-6000 SATCOM system with Ball Aerospace antenna. L-1011-385-3
ST09113SC Installation of Collins TCAS-94 traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS II) with Sextant L-1011-385-3
ST09114SC Installation of a Teledyne digital flight data recorder. L-1011-385-3
ST09115SC Installations of a floor path escape lighting. L-1011-385-3
ST09125SC Installation of Collins SAT-906 (6) Channel Satcom System with Canadian Marconi CMA-2102 top mounted 757-200 Series
ST09232SC Installation of an MCS-3000 Satellite Communications System and a Tecom T-4000 Top Mounted High Gain L-1011 Series
ST09148SC Installation of a Honeywell MCS-3000 satellite communications system and a Tecom T-4000 top mount antenna 737-200 Series
ST09227SC Installation of structural provisions for a CMA-2102 High Gain Satellite Communications System antenna 737-200 Series
ST09233SC Installation of dual Honeywell/Trimble HT9000 Global Positioning Systems. DC-8-73
ST09234SC Installation of dual Universal UNS-1C Flight Management System with Global Positioning, dual Honeywell 737-200 Series
ST09267SC Installation of Honeywell TCAS II Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System with single Mode S Transponder. 737-200 Series
ST09290SC Installation of Honeywell MCS-6000 Satellite Communications System with a CMA-2102 Top Mount High Gain Antenna. 747SP Series
ST09321SC Installation of Honeywell TCAS II System. 727-200 Series
ST09351SC Installation of dual Honeywell- Trimble HT-9000 global positioning system (GPS). 727-200 Series
ST09367SC Installation of dual Canadian Marconi CMA 900 FMS with GPS sensors. MD-81
ST09386SC Installation of a Dual Canadian Marconi CMA-900 flight management system with GPS sensors. DC-9-51
ST09389SC Installation of a single Canadian Marconi CMA-900 flight management system with GPS sensor. MD-81
ST09446SC Installation of a Collins SAT-906 Satellite Communications System with a top mounted Canadian Marconi 707-300
ST09455SC Installation of a single Litton LTN-450 navigation management system. 727-200 Series
ST09490SC Installation of a single Canadian Marconi CMA-900 GMS/GPS system. 737-200 Series
737-300 Series
737-400 Series
ST09549SC Installation of a single Canadian Marconi CMA-900 with dedicated Collins DME-42 Flight Management System (FMS). 737-200 Series
737-300 Series
737-400 Series
ST09588SC Installation of the Honeywell Windshear system and Collins Dual S Mode transponder systems. MD-81
ST09949SC Installation to add required sensors and interface with existing Digital Flight Data Recorder and existing Flight Data Acquisition Unit. MD-83
ST09951SC Installation of a Universal Avionics Systems Corporation Terrain Awareness and Warning System. 727-100 Series
ST09978SC Installation of Honeywell Integrated Hazard Avoidance System (IHAS) 8000 Class A Traffic Alert System and Class B Terrain Awareness Warning System. This includes installation of KMH-820 IHAS processor, two KA-815 antennas, outside ambient temperature probe, and cockpit annunciators. A previously installed KMD-540 multifunction display is required. Cessna 650
ST09378SC Installation of a dual Honeywell/ Trimble HT9000 global navigation system. DC-8-71F
SA8702SW Installation of triple Canadian Marconi CMA-771 MK-IV Omega/ Global positioning system. 707-100 Long Body
ST10111SC Installation of Universal Avionics Systems Corporation UNS-1K Flight Management System. 727-100 Series